Interviewing candidates is a nightmare felt by HR managers across the globe. The good news is that there is a new breed of solutions disrupting the recruitment landscape. Israeli-based start-up Intervyo, headed by Jacky Hazan is revolutionizing the recruitment process by conducting interviews based on a robotic/virtual recruiter. Unveiled at HR Tech Disrupt in Paris late October, Intervyo is a global pioneer in AI automated interviewing and human predictive analytics.


How can a virtual interviewer successfully do what has always been done humans?

Intervyo is trying to empower HR managers with data driven analytics, Thanks to an intelligent automated virtual interviewer, endless, tiring, and irrelevant interviews will be done with a click of a button. Intervyo’s virtual interviewer conducts an objective and structured interview while generating a 360 degree analysis of the candidate. Such a powerful combination has never been implemented before, and it is thus very well embraced by the HR community.

How does this virtual-interviewer work?

While the interface looks very pleasant on the outside, the inner workings of our patented system are extremely complex. Three years of R&D and many trials and errors have led us to develop what we believe will be the future of HR. Simply stated, there will be no need to conduct first round interviews, since Intervyo will be doing that for you, incredibly faster, objectively, and in many cases more accurately.

For whom will be the recruitment process with Intervyo an easier one?

Intervyo mainly benefits the HR managers in their tedious interviewing routines, it saves time, and it saves money and effort. Nonetheless, since the process is one that is objective, structured and conducted by the candidate from the comfort of their home, it obviously benefits the candidates alike.

Can robots make mistakes or do you think that they will do a better job at analyzing candidates?
Eventually they will, yet we’re not completely there yet. Mistakes no, miscalculations yes. But that is the beauty of data science and machine learning, it’s driven by data, so the more interviews that go through the system the more accurate the system becomes.

Have you thought of developing a blended process –humans and robots co-working?

We do at times leverage the insights of HR departments during the evaluation process, which then further enhances our machine learning process; hence it is somewhat of a hybrid solution.

How do you think innovation and the role of technology can change the processes in HR in the future?

Technology, AI and robotics are playing a major role in all industries and will continue to play a role within the HR industry as well. Intervyo paved the way as a global pioneer of human predictive analytics when it first started three years ago, and is now a world leader in the field. We look forward to exploring additional technologies and to remain at the tip of disruption.

What is your experience about potential clients – are they open to engage in new technologies? From which sector have you got the most interest?

There is great interest from all sectors. The HR industry is undergoing a major change, and it’s wonderful seeing HR managers taking a leap of faith and embracing groundbreaking technologies.


Jacky Hazan will be one of the keynote speakers at HR Fest 2017 taking place on October 26 in Budapest.